This is your SolarWakeup for February 12th, 2023 –

The Downside Of Politics. There are facts related to our infrastructure that we all know. Energy consumption is rising, the grid is aging, power plants are retiring, renewables are the cheapest form and largest new addition, and the energy transition is the greatest economic opportunity of this generation. My point is that no matter what, we’re going to need solar panels, wind turbines and batteries to keep the lights on for Americans. The question is whether the politics and related shortsightedness of elections let us build a domestic supply chain the serve this opportunity. What I’m getting at is that the tax reform act of circa 2018 has extenders that need to be paid for next year so the agenda is to spread rumors about the IRA. The problem is that the IRA is both working and popular, especially where the factories are being built.


Best, Yann